Walking on Water — a Retreat on Courage, Trust and Readiness

Friday, February 1, 4 pm — Sunday, February 3, 4 pm

Reflecting on Peter’s discipleship, Joel and Leslie will lead us on journeys of our own to consider what it would mean for us to walk on water.

What’s God calling us to today? What unique gifts or abilities do each of us have that the world needs? How has “mending our nets” and then “laying down those nets” helped prepare the way for recognizing when it’s time to “walk on water?” What would it mean for you to walk on water now? What risks are involved? What fears—or unfinished business—stand in your way? What’s at stake if you never venture out of the boat?

These and similar questions will guide our time together which will include storytelling, solitude, the way of council, music, worship, poetry, and prayer.

Cost: $220.  Space is limited. To apply please visit our website or contact Mary Lewis at retreats@richmondhillva.org by Friday, January 25. (CEUs available for some professions)

Facilitators: Leslie Shiel, VCU Professor,  & Rev. Joel Blunk

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