About us

In 1987 (more than thirty years ago), ecumenical Christian leaders formed Richmond Hill and purchased the historic monastery of the Sisters of the Visitation, located on the western edge of Church Hill overlooking the city of Richmond.

From this sacred place, the Richmond Hill community, with 10-15 residents (and now tens of thousands of participants), began the pursuit of an incredibly bold mission -- the healing of Metropolitan Richmond.

We ask that you join us in reflecting on how God would have us work together for the healing of Metropolitan Richmond.

  • What does a healed, healthy Richmond look like, and how is that different from today?
  • What issues deserve particular attention now, and what's our role -- yours, mine, ours?
I think God is calling together a community that will be varied, that will have some residential and nonresidential members and other participants, and that will be generally a place of nurture for many purposes.  It will offer a retreat or visiting place for many, opportunities for education and support for ministry, and space for quiet and prayer, counseling and conversation. It will be a residence for people whose ministry is elsewhere, as well as for persons whose primary ministry is at Richmond Hill.  It will be Christian, but its participants and supporters will come from from many different churches and their membership, activities, and support of the churches will be enhanced, not lessened, by their experience at Richmond Hill. It will provide support for non-traditional ministries and to persons who have found no church home.  It will be a place for hope and nurture.
The Reverend Benjamin P. CampbellPastor Emeritus
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