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For Rev. John Horner’s First Sunday of Lent sermon from Tuesday, February 20, 2018, click here. Richmond Hill has always been a home for some really fine preaching. But not everyone can make it to our community worship services. In May 2017, we began recording sermons and putting them up on SoundCloud, a free audio streaming program. So now, […]

This Apocalyptic Moment

21 November 2016 | Christ the King Richmond Hill, Richmond, Virginia The Sunday we are celebrating – the last Sunday before Advent in the Church’s Liturgical calendar – is known as Christ the King Sunday. This year the Sunday falls in a time of Apocalyse. The election two weeks ago was an apocalyptic moment, in the […]

Invitation to a Life of Faith

17 October 2016 | Luke 18:1-8 The Importunate Widow Then Jesus told them a parable about their need to pray always and not to lose heart. He said, “In a certain city there was a judge who neither feared God nor had respect for people. In that city there was a widow who kept coming […]

A good bad example

Richmond Hill  |  19 September 2016 XVIII Pentecost  |  Luke 16:1-13 I love the story of the dishonest manager. Jesus must have driven his pious listeners crazy. Here he was taking a clearly dishonest person and complimenting him, — using his behavior as an example of the behavior which they should emulate. Jesus uses an […]

Fire to the earth

15 August 2016  |  XIII Pentecost   |  Luke 12:49-56 The Rev. B. P. Campbell On the evening of October 7, 1983, I stood on the corner of Main and 17th Streets, on the South side of the street, beside an architect and developer named Larry Shiflett. The sky was a deep black, with bright […]

Discernment in the Desert

15 February 2016 I Lent | Luke 4:1-13 The Temptations The story of the Temptations is one of the most important theological passages in the New Testament. It falls into the category which theologians call “Christology,” – that is, what was the nature of Jesus’ Messiahship, and what was the nature of his relationship to […]

Richmond and the American Dream: Revolution & Reality

Banner Lecture, Virginia Historical Society, 6 February 2016, by the Rev. B. P. Campbell Richmond became the capital of Virginia in 1780 and was incorporated in 1782. It is, in a sense, the child-city of the American Revolution. The American Revolution enclosed within itself one major, deeply disturbing contradiction: It proclaimed equality and liberty for […]

Judgment, Holy Spirit, and the Unquenchable Fire

14 December 2015 | Third Sunday of Advent | Luke 3:7-18 Richmond Hill, Richmond, Virginia The Rev. B. P. Campbell John said to the crowds that came out to be baptized by him, “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bear fruits worthy of repentance. Do not begin to say to […]

Not an answer but an attitude

16 November 2015 | Proper 28 | Mark 13:1-8 Richmond Hill, Richmond, Virginia The Rev. B. P. Campbell My niece is married to a Salvadoran. We were together this weekend, and we were together experiencing the shock and outrage of the shootings and bombings in Paris. But I could tell that the experience was far different for him […]

The Zebedee boys and the meaning of life

St. Andrew’s Church/Richmond Hill Richmond, Virginia October 18-19, 2015 Pentecost XXIV Mark 10:35-45 In this morning’s story of the Zebedee brothers, James and John, we have Jesus’ core teaching about the purpose of life. You are familiar with the story. James and John are hoping that there is some reward in following Jesus. If Jesus […]