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Seeking God's healing of metropolitan Richmond through prayer, hospitality, racial reconciliation and spiritual development. Come join us!
  • Sign up for Clergy Convocation: Thursday, Oct. 15

    Repair the breach, restore the streets… This year, we’re covering the economic, political and social implications of our metropolitan public transportation system. Our goal? Envision a healthy, just and efficient public transportation system which serves us all. Join clergy from a cross-denominational spectrum to build relationships and reflect on how the Lord takes the concrete… [Continue Reading]

    Sign up for Clergy Convocation: Thursday, Oct. 15
  • [G]RACE Fall Lecture: Cultural Bias, Oct. 26, Monday, 7:30 p.m.

    “Cultural Bias”  Dr. Allen Lewis, PhD,  October 26, Monday, 7:30 pm  Dr. Lewis explores the definition of cultural bias, how people interface with difference, and steps to manage bias. About the lecturer: Dr. Allen Lewis is Head of JMU Department of Health Sciences and author of We Are All Racists: The Truth about Cultural Bias. The 45-minute… [Continue Reading]

    [G]RACE Fall Lecture: Cultural Bias, Oct. 26, Monday, 7:30 p.m.
  • Drop-In Grief Support Group Friday, October 23

    For those who want the opportunity to share experiences and obtain support from others who are experiencing a loss in a flexible group format. Each group begins with an informative 15 minute overview of a grief related topic. Discussion and reflection on the impact of loss, coping, meaning-making, etc. follows the brief presentation. These groups… [Continue Reading]

    Drop-In Grief Support Group Friday, October 23
  • Art & Spirituality: Collage workshop

    October 17, Saturday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm “Creativity constitutes the ultimate intimacy for it is the place where the Divine and the Human are most destined to interact.” — Matthew Fox Awaken your spirit and be transformed.  Spend a day immersed in the beautiful grounds and inspiring art space at Richmond Hill while you… [Continue Reading]

    Art & Spirituality: Collage workshop
  • Listening for the Silence: Oct. 13, Tuesday

    Allow the power of God’s presence to comfort you as as you enjoy quiet time here at Richmond Hill. You will be guided to find the safe space within, in order to invite God in. Read passages of scripture, journal, or just bask in peace, listening as God speaks to you. Use your time to reflect, respond,… [Continue Reading]

    Listening for the Silence: Oct. 13, Tuesday

Now Seeking Co-Pastoral Director at Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is now seeking a Co-Pastoral Director

Richmond Hill is currently seeking a Co-Pastoral Director (Shared Leadership Model). This pastoral leader will live in residence and serve this ministry as part of a collaborative pastoral leadership team. The interview process for this position will involve discernment together with the residential community and members of the governing council of Richmond Hill. Richmond Hill is […]

Today is:

October 13, 2015

Today’s Prayer

We pray for the healing of metropolitan Richmond: for the sick and those on our hearts; for the welfare of all of our citizens; for the establishment of God's order in our community; and for peace. On Tuesdays we pray for our fellow citizens who live in Hanover County, the Board of Supervisors, School Board, and Administrator. We pray for the print, electronic and broadcast media. We also pray for the Churches of metropolitan Richmond; all staff members and clergy. We pray for all who live in poverty, and for all who suffer from mental illness.