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Seeking God's healing of metropolitan Richmond through prayer, hospitality, racial reconciliation and spiritual development. Come join us!
  • Van Gogh: Art & Spirituality on June 19 & 20

    4:00 pm Friday June 19, 2015 — 4:00 pm Saturday June 20, 2015 Spend some time at Richmond Hill with a remarkable teacher and scholar, Dr. Cliff Edwards, as he shines a light into the deep spiritual side of the brilliant, complicated, and misunderstood artist, Vincent Van Gogh. Edwards also lets us know that Van… [Continue Reading]

    Van Gogh: Art & Spirituality on June 19 & 20
  • May 16, 2015: Prayer, Spiritual Journaling, and ART

    If you can answer yes to the following questions, or you want to try something new, or you have spring fever, then this is the retreat for you: Do you like quiet time to pray and meditate? Do you like to write or journal on occasion? Do you enjoy getting in touch with your creativity?… [Continue Reading]

    May 16, 2015: Prayer, Spiritual Journaling, and ART
  • April 27: Finding Grace in Race

    A public lecture series marking the 150th anniversary of the burning of Richmond. “The Renewal” Ms. Christy S. Coleman.  Monday, April 27, 7:30 pm This lecture will explore how the United States has grappled with segregation in the legal system since the fall and burning of Richmond. About the lecturer: Christy Coleman is Co-CEO of the American… [Continue Reading]

    April 27: Finding Grace in Race
  • The Art of Grief Day Retreat, Friday May 8

    Meeting Times Group meets from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Friday, May 8. The expressive arts have long been helpful in processing our grief.  It is often restorative to bypass the intellect and work with our hands and heart. We can  express our grief and find new insights about the journey.  People are often amazed by… [Continue Reading]

    The Art of Grief Day Retreat, Friday May 8

Join us for Vocare


  Are you wondering what comes next in your life? Have you ever asked God, “What are You doing with me?” If so, you might find some answers in the Vocare School. Vocare means to call or to summon, and this school for vocation is intended to provide tools, space, and community for discerning God’s call in […]

Today is:

April 25, 2015

Today’s Prayer

We pray for the healing of metropolitan Richmond: for the sick and those on our hearts; for the welfare of all of our citizens; for the establishment of God's order in our community; and for peace. On Saturdays we pray for our fellow citizens who live in Chesterfield County: the Supervisors, School Board, and Administrator. We also pray for all who work in retail trade in metropolitan Richmond, and those who own our businesses. We pray for all Counselors and Spiritual Directors. We pray for the Sisters of the Visitation of Monte Maria. We pray for all victims of abuse; and for all perpetrators of abuse.