Embracing Our Shadow: a 24-hr. retreat

Saturday to Sunday, November 3 – 4

Richmond’s history of slavery and the legacy of racism must be faced if we are going to heal and become whole as a society.  Individually, we must face our own shadows too to avoid projecting pain onto others.  We must also claim the good qualities we often fail to see in ourselves or recognize in our community.  Shadow work is about embracing the fullness of who we are and can be.

Join Mimi Weaver and Joel Blunk for a 24 hour retreat Saturday to Sunday, November 3-4, 4 PM to 4 PM, to consider the wholeness that genuine shadow work can bring individually and to our community.  We’ll discuss the concept of the shadow and consider how embracing it can lead us to healing and wholeness.

The retreat will include:

  • Experiential learning
  • Poetry
  • Dream work 
  • Time in our contemplative garden
  • Journaling
  • The Way of Council
  • And more! 

Suggested donation $95. Space is limited.

Register: Please fill in the form below, or contact Mary Lewis at 804-783-7903

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This retreat offering meets continuing education requirements for Richmond Hill adjunct ministers. 

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