Peaceful retreat, quiet contemplation, a 1st Friday Retreat.

Your 1st Friday of the Fall retreat can be a day of possibility. A day of peaceful retreat, quiet contemplation. We invite you to come to a 1st Friday Retreat at Richmond Hill on November 2. It’s an excellent and intentional way to quietly begin your new month on a solid footing.

This is your golden opportunity… read, write, meditate, relax. What a great way to celebrate the changing seasons! Plus, by taking time for a personal retreat, you are forming the intention to take good care of your self. Retreats offer us the opportunity to examine those priorities in our life so we can make concrete and practical resolutions for improvement.  Retreats are wonderful opportunities to get some distance from your daily grind, and begin to put things in perspective.

Retreat time is intentional time away from our normal activities — it affords us the chance to spend time getting reacquainted with God, to experience a new awareness of the presence of God. (We read in the Gospels that Jesus often withdrew to a deserted place by himself despite the many demands placed upon him — or perhaps because of them! If Jesus needed to withdraw from time to time, chances are good that you and I need to do so, too!)

Doors open at 9:00 am. Lunch is provided. Stay until 3 pm.

Suggested donation: $20 (includes lunch) 

Facilitator: Mimi Weaver, spiritual director and life coach at GraceMoves.

Sign-up: Please contact 804-783-7903 or

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