Apply now for RUAH XVIII Program

New Class Begins in September 2019

Richmond Hill will begin a new weekend session of the RUAH School of Spiritual Guidance in September, 2019.

This two-year program is composed of two 48-hour retreats and eight 24-hour retreats for each of two years. The retreats are held on the second weekend of the month, and the rhythm of life of the Richmond Hill Community is the context for these retreats. Prayer and faith sharing are a part of the discipline of all participants. Participants read at least one book each month on the upcoming topic of discussion.

Topics covered include:

    • Use of Scripture in Discernment
    • Contemplative Prayer
    • History of Spirituality
    • Dream Work
    • Depth Psychology
    • Social Transformation
    • Theology of Spiritual Guidance
    • Masculine & Feminine Spirituality

Enrollment in RUAH XVIII is open to lay, professional and clergy persons who might feel called to provide spiritual direction in their church, faith community, or as an adjunct minister at Richmond Hill.

For more information or an application packet, please contact DeBorah J. Cannady, Registrar, at Richmond Hill. (804)783-7903, ext. 14

The deadline for applications is May 15, 2019

Some scholarship assistance may be available upon request.

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