Armstrong Leadership Program

The Armstrong Leadership Team is a group of 36 Armstrong High School students from grades 10-12 selected yearly to achieve leadership excellence in their academic and professional endeavors.

Together we strive to:
1. Promote the creative excellence of every student, unfolding their greatest possibilities.
2. Create a safe and supportive culture of pride in higher achievement.
3. Empower students to use their gifts and talents for the betterment of their communities.

How can I get involved?


It takes less than 5 hours a month to make a difference in a young person’s life.

If you are committed to fostering the empowerment of our community?s future leaders, then you will enjoy this opportunity to make a significant contribution to the community.? Simply contact Yvette Rajput, the program director to find out how you can be a part of this dynamic effort.

Why Armstrong High School?
Armstrong High School has been responsible for training and educating more inner city youth than any other high school in the city of Richmond.? It has a rich and unrivaled legacy, producing some of the most prominent members of our workforce.? Armstrong School, however, has its challenges.? It is located in the center of five public housing projects.? Given the high unemployment rate in this area of the city, family hardship is a common reality.? Many of our students are vulnerable to the surrounding negative influences and many have few adult figures in their lives to turn to for support.? As a result, we have recognized the importance of supporting these youth, so that they can reach their utmost potential and overcome the tremendous adversities that they face in their lives.

How do we accomplish our mission?
Richmond Hill staff, Armstrong High School administrators and teachers collaborate with community-based mentors to provide:
1. Leadership training.
2. Project development and management training.
3. Mentoring and tutoring.
4. Career development with job shadowing exposure and post-graduation transition assistance.
5. Networking with alumni and community resources.

Our weekend Leadership Retreats, dinners at Richmond Hill, in-school meeting, and one-on-one tutoring and mentoring, make this a dynamic and thoughtful approach to transforming our students? lives.

Please visit our Alumni Page for Graduates of Armstrong and Kennedy High Schools
AK PRIDE Alumni Association

Contact Us:
Yvette Rajput, Director
(804) 783-7903