What do you think?

What do you think?

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Now here is your opportunity to tell us what you think. Click the link. Take the online survey. You will find questions designed to gather your thoughts and feelings about Richmond Hill, its activities and its impact on the physical, emotional and spiritual health of the Richmond metropolitan area.

As you think about these questions, try to respond from the perspective of all the ways you may have interacted with Richmond Hill.

Your participation in this assessment process will provide valuable insights as to how Richmond Hill can better allocate its resources in our mission of praying and working for the healing of metropolitan Richmond. We welcome your response and your insights.

Blessings, and thanks!

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  1. Sandra markus says:

    I throughly enjoyed, and spiritually benefited from, a deaconate discernment weekend that was conducted at Richmond Hill. I would love to see more spiritually enriching programs and spiritual director programs for layity at Richmond. It would also be helpful if some portion of them could be conducted online. Thank you for considering my suggestions.

    • Richard Rumble says:

      Sandra — thank you for your comments and your inspired suggestion. We will take a closer look at this — blessings, and peace — Richard Rumble

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