Men's Circle meets on second Thursday each month.

Men’s Circle: Practicing the Way of Council

Second Thursdays at 7:30 PM

Men of all ages and stages of life are invited to participate in this monthly gathering at Richmond Hill to practice The Way of Council.

The Way of Council is an ancient spiritual practice of storytelling and deep conversation.  The process is simple. We sit in a circle.  We dedicate our time to someone or something greater than ourselves.  A talking piece is used to indicate the speaker.  The piece is passed around the circle or placed in the center after speaking, for whomever is moved to take it next. Plenty of silence creates spaciousness for meaning—both spoken and unspoken—to be offered and received.  We hold the space with four intentions:

  1. Speak from the heart (truthfully, including your feelings).
  2. Listen from the heart (without judgment, with open mind).
  3. Be lean of expression (use only the necessary words).
  4. Be spontaneous (without replanning your response).

The time is closed with a prayer, a group gesture, or a few moments more of silence.

To learn more contact Co-Pastoral Director Joel Blunk ( or 804-783-7903) and visit the Center for Council.

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