Our Rule of Life

The Rule of Richmond Hill

Conversion of Life “Conversatio”: Living one’s life as if it were a conversation with God, in a commitment to personal spiritual disciplines.

Obedience: Living one’s life in response to God’s will, in a commitment to the mission of the community.

Community: Living one’s life as life together, in a commitment to shared mission and a common life.

Simplicity: Living one’s life without excess, in a commitment to a modest use of resources that resists greed and consumerism.

Humility: Living one’s life in perspective, in a commitment to assess and honor one’s own gifts and those of others.

Hospitality: Living one’s life in service of others, in a commitment to welcome guests in love and a spirit of prayer.

Prayer: Practicing a spiritual discipline that includes daily prayer for metropolitan Richmond in concert with the Richmond Hill Community.

Racial reconciliation: Examining oneself, paying attention to the particular wounds of race in metropolitan Richmond, and to the setting right of racial wrongs.

Healing: Committing one’s own life to inner healing and to the healing of the larger community of metropolitan Richmond

Ecumenism: Honoring all expressions of Christian faith, respecting in Jesus’ name all persons of other religions and faiths

Christian social transformation: Praying and working for the coming of the Kingdom of God in metropolitan Richmond.

Stability “Stabilitas”: Pledging to pray and work for the permanent transformation of the metropolitan city.