The Richmond Hill community is composed of the Resident Community, non-resident staff, adjunct staff, volunteers, stewards, and public Council members. It would be impossible to name all the volunteers who help us in our day-to-day activities, but residents, staff, and public Council members are listed below.

Residential Community
Vicky BethelUrban Service Corps
The Rev. Joel BlunkCo-Pastoral Director
Kristen Saacke Blunk, Resident
DeBorah CannadyRetreat Coordinator
Betty Jane HaganUrban Service Corps
Jabriel HasanUrban Service Corps
Hoonie KwonUrban Service Corps
Wayne Lewis, Resident
Mary LewisAdministrator
Emily LythUrban Service Corps
Richard RumbleCommunications Director
Mary Louise Rumble, Resident
David VinsonHospitality Coordinator/Facilities Manager
Lindsey Hershner Vinson, Resident
The Rev. Janie WalkerCo-Pastoral Director

Non-Resident Staff
Debbie WinansDevelopment Director
Yvette Davis RajputDirector of Armstrong Leadership Program
Brenda GianniniSpiritual Director
Marvette CraigheadOffice Assistant
Heather WattGarden Coordinator
James Byrd, Hospitality Assistant 
Carol Parke, Librarian
Jim BennettMusician
Jan Sarbora, Book Store Manager

Rev. Ben Campbell, Pastor Emeritus

RUAH School of Spiritual Guidance
Paul Amrhein, Faculty
Dennis Beeman, Faculty
The Rev. Joel Blunk, Faculty
The Rev. Kerra English, Faculty
Brenda Giannini, Dean, Weekend RUAH Faculty
Wendy Hudson, Faculty
John Schwenkler, Faculty
The Rev. Janie Walker, Dean, Weekday RUAH Faculty

Richmond Hill Council, Public Members 
Don Cowles, President
The Rev. Phoebe Roaf, Vice President
Latrice Jeffrey, Secretary
Tim Holtz Treasurer

Dominic Barrett
Andrea Berger
DeBorah Cannaday
Adeline Clark
Terry Dolson
Brenda Giannini
Latrice Jeffrey
The Rev. Larry Johnson
Mary Lewis
The Rev. Melody Porter
Rita Ricks
Richard Rumble
Tim Timmons
David Vinson
The Rev. Janie Walker
The Rev. Tiont Williams
Davis Wrinkle

Richmond Hill Hospitality Helpers
Sal Anselmo
Olivia Brown
Caroline Douglas

Richmond Hill Handy Helpers
Dale D’Alessandro
Tom Quigley