Art & Spirituality

Saturday Art Retreats: 9 am-4 pm


Come join us for a day retreat at Richmond Hill with our continuing series, Art and Spirituality. Take a day for yourself in our inspiring art space surrounded by our labyrinth and beautiful garden for prayer, fellowship, while getting in touch with the Divine using your style of creativity. We are all seekers and artists in our own way. Come and see how the spirituality of art works in you.

Brenda Giannini, facilitator, hopes to open us to the sacred dimensions of our lives through the gifts of the visual arts. This series endeavors to help you walk closer to God in the present moment by listening to your inner voice and tapping into your creative spirit. We will look at various art forms throughout the year and create our own works of art in the prayerful quiet of Richmond Hill.

Suggested donation $30.00 includes lunch and art materials. Contact Deborah Cannady at Richmond Hill to register 804-783-7903 or email:

“When we engage in the arts, we dip into our souls to discover deep pools of wonder, breath-taking gifts of beauty, and quiet revelation. As we create, we are invited into playfulness, poignancy, and surprise—energies that renew us and revitalize our sense of purpose.” — Betsey Beckman, Awakening the Creative Spirit

March 18, 2017: Color

Using color as your inspiration, create a collage, prayer card, illuminated manuscript or stained glass to inspire your own prayer time / spiritual journey. Or, make a gift for someone else

“Light reveals to us the spirit and living soul of the world through color.”   — Alma Thomas

May 20, 2017: Meditate–Journal–Create

Meditate, then journal about what came up for you in that time and space. Then create a work depicting what you experienced or wrote with a drawing, painting, collage, or some other work to depict your feelings, experience, or what you wrote about.

“All the talents of God are within you. How could this be otherwise when your soul derived from his gene!” — Quote of Mystic Hafiz, in book Creativity, Where the Divine and the Human Meet, by Matthew Fox