Belong to the longing

Writing in my journal this morning, I had a few questions: What/where are my longings? Can I feel them? Name them? Will I find them underneath and in between all the should-ings and the must-ings? Why pay attention to them? Indeed. Why pay attention? For one thing, I can’t help it — it is in […]

To be a Steward

What’s the deal with stewardship? It’s an interesting word. Steward. Sometimes, it’s a noun. Less often, it’s a verb. How does this ancient concept apply to lives lived in this millennium? As a concept, should it apply to me as I work through my discernment? How? It’s an interesting idea. It involves action without ownership. […]

Rabbit transit

It’s hard to find a really good way to celebrate a secular Easter.  The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ are not the stuff of simple and lightweight symbols. Easter transmits a complex message, transported through time through a sacrament of blood-wine and body-bread on an altar derived from a sacrificial cult. The best the […]

Open-source Christ

7 January 2013, Feast of the Epiphany Matthew 2:1-12: Journey of the Magi The Rev. B. P. Campbell, Richmond Hill, Richmond, Virginia In the time of King Herod, after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem, asking, “Where is the child who has been born king of the Jews? For we […]