Retreat Facilities at Richmond Hill

The Refectory
Our refectory, located on the ground floor of the dormitory building, was originally a gymnasium for the students of the Monte Maria Academy. When the school closed in 1927, the floor was raised and the room was refurbished as a dining hall. The Sisters ate their meals in silence, while one of their number stood on a raised platform and offered a devotional reading to the group. Today, all retreatants, visitors, and Community members eat together in the Refectory. The residential Community and staff share kitchen duties.

The Library
The Library is located in the former parlors of the Monastery of the Sisters of the Visitation. This was the only place where public visitors could meet the cloistered sisters. The two screens separating the library rooms were the original parlor screens separating the sisters from the public. The library is available to anyone visiting Richmond Hill, with 4000 religious and spiritual volumes.

Overnight Accommodations
Richmond Hill offers overnight accommodations for 40 persons, groups and individuals. All rooms are either singles or doubles. The dormitory was originally constructed to house students of the Monte Maria Academy, but when the school closed, the Sisters moved into the building themselves. It is said that the Sisters would change sleeping quarters periodically so that they could meditate on the particular saint or virtue to which the room was dedicated. The move also prevented them from becoming attached to any one room.

The Adams-Taylor House
The English basement and second floor of the house comprise space for the residential Community of Richmond Hill. On the main floor are three small meeting rooms and three large ones. The Novitiate is a well preserved drawing room from 1811, which was later used as the Novitiate for the monastery. The Molly Tinsley Room is a restoration of the original second parlor of the mansion which Richard Adams Jr. built. The west meeting room is a new room built as a part of the 2002-2004 renovation on the footprint of a small porch and former print shop.