Rhythm of life

An important part of the experience of a retreat at Richmond Hill is the participant’s entering into the life of the community through the rhythm of prayers, work, meals, and fellowship. This gentle rhythm slows the rushing pace of the ordinary day and helps us step back to take the longer view and the deeper look that is so often essential to the work of the retreat.

The schedule of our common life is as follows:

                                7:00 – 7:15        morning prayer

                                7:30 –   8:00     breakfast

                                12:00 – 12:15    noonday prayer                                  

                                12:30 – 1:00      lunch

                                5:30 – 6:30       community worship (Tuesday only)           

                                6:00 – 6:15       evening prayer  (every day but Tuesday)

                                6:30 – 7:30       dinner

                                9:30                   snack 

                                11:00                 quiet time


The deliberate spacing of the day with meals and times of quiet is one of the most important things which Richmond Hill has to offer as a place of retreat. This interruption of the day for prayer and quiet, and for our common life in this city, is a central feature of most of the world’s significant religious traditions. We have concluded that it may be central to spiritual health, and have therefore built it into our common life. We ask all groups and individuals at Richmond Hill to join with us in this rhythm. The bell will ring to announce these times to all who are present.   Prayers are led by the residents and staff of Richmond Hill.

All who are in the retreat center: groups, individual retreatants, residents, staff, and volunteers share in the meals. This fellowship with others who are also seeking God or exploring their own roles in this metropolitan area adds an extra dimension to the retreat experience.

The quiet time at 11:00PM is for the sake of those who wish to sleep. Retreatants who wish to continue in subdued fellowship are most welcome to do so in the retreatant lounge. The parking lot will accommodate retreatant’s vehicles and is locked between the hours of 10:00 pm and 9:00 a.m.

Staff and residents serve the retreats. A member of the residential community or staff coordinates the efforts of the team and acts as host for your retreat. Your host will be available throughout the day and will be accessible during the night for emergencies.

What to Bring

Accommodations at Richmond Hill are very simple. Please pack lightly. We recommend bringing a bathrobe since there are no private baths. Dress is informal, even for our worship services. Sneakers, jeans and sweaters will fit in fine.

All linens are provided. Coffee, tea and fresh fruit are available throughout the day. You may wish to bring an alarm clock.

Most retreatants bring their Bible and a journal. Retreatants are welcome to use the books in our library during their stay here.

Additional Information about Richmond Hill:

  • Coffee, tea, and fresh fruit are available throughout the day. You may schedule coffee breaks as you wish.
  • Soft drinks are available for purchase for 75 cents.
  • Please do not bring your own refreshments. Food is not permitted outside the refectory area.
  • Please let us know of any special dietary needs.
  • Alcohol is permitted only for sacramental purposes.
  • Smoking is not allowed within the buildings.
  • Sheets and towels are provided.